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DONASWAP (DONA) tokenomics revolves around a carefully crafted economic structure designed to optimize the functionality and sustainability of the DONASWAP ecosystem. At its core, DONASWAP tokenomics features a 10% tax mechanism.

For every transaction involving DONA, a 10% tax is applied. Out of this, 5% is allocated to the Liquidity Pool (LP), bolstering the reserves that underpin market stability and ensuring fluidity in trading. This safeguards against sudden price swings, providing a secure environment for traders and investors alike.

The remaining 5% is systematically distributed among DONA token holders. This implies that as a DONA holder, you stand to receive a share of the 5% tax derived from each transaction, relative to the amount of DONA you hold. This system incentivizes a long-term holding strategy, discouraging short-term speculation, and rewarding those who commit to the project over time.

In totality, the DONASWAP tokenomics model strikes a harmonious balance between preserving liquidity, motivating steadfast investors, and discouraging frenetic trading activity. This ensures that the interests of the DONASWAP community are seamlessly aligned with the overall prosperity and stability of the project.